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Beach Village of Hopkins Belize

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Beach at Coconut Husk, Hopkins Belize

Get To Know Hopkins

Hopkins is a small beach village on the coast of Stann Creek District in southern Belize. The village of Hopkins was formed in 1942, it was a very small village with basic living styles of farming and fishing, with a population of 500 residents. Hopkins Village has now grown to a population of 2,500 residents. Hopkins is known as the Center of the Garifuna people in Belize, this village was recently voted “The Friendliest Place in Belize” by Belize’s First Magazine. Hopkins has one of the longest natural beaches in Belize with 3 miles of sandy beach.

Experience the Garifuna Culture

Hopkins Village is known for the best cultural experience in Belize, with the display of the vibrant Garifuna culture and heritage. Get entertained with the Garifuna cultural drumming and dancing, which are held at different restaurants almost everyday of the week.

Garifuna Drumming in Hopkins Village
Garifuna Drumming at Driftwood Pizza

Why Hopkins is a good place to vacation?

Hopkins makes a perfect vacation hub in Belize with easy access to the Mayan Mountains and the Caribbean Sea, having that Caribbean/Central America feel to it. There are many fun things to do in Hopkins Village or just minutes away from Hopkins, these activities includes scuba diving, snorkeling, island hopping, fishing trips, Garifuna culture tour, hike to waterfalls, Mayan chocolate making experience, jungle hike, cave exploration, zipline, horseback riding, ATV jungle ride, excursion to ancient Mayan Ruins or enjoy the day on the beautiful beaches in Hopkins.

Enjoy Delicious Food

Hopkins is also a foodies heaven with over 35 restaurants serving local Belizean dishes and international cuisines.

Here are top 6 local restaurants in Hopkins Village.

Annual Events in Hopkins, Belize

  • Easter Sunday Beach Party - Easter Weekend

  • Hopkins Day - End of July

  • Belize Independence Day - September 21

  • Conchs Fest - Mid October

  • Garifuna Settlement Day - November 19

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