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How to get to Placencia from BZE Airport?

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

Getting from Belize International Airport to Placencia takes from 30 minutes to 3 and a half hours. Here are 4 ways on how you can travel to Placencia Peninsula from Belize City International Airport.

Domestic Flights

All international flights land at the Philip Goldson airport in Belize City, but you can fly to Placencia on either of Belize’s two domestic air carriers (Tropic Air and Maya Island Air) from Belize City or any other airstrip in Belize. From Belize City, there are at least five daily flights that begin in the early morning and continue through the early evening.

Rental Car

You can consider renting a vehicle from the Belize International Airport or Belize City, the drive is pretty much a straight shot without too many complications. The bulk of the trip will take you down Belmopan via the George Price Highway (Western Highway), a journey that constitutes about 52 miles. From there, you’ll want to hop on the Hummingbird Highway and then into the Southern Highway until you see the well-marked exit for Placencia Village. A left at the Placencia roundabout will take you directly into Placencia Village, and it’s only 24 miles from the exit to the village center. If you drive straight through from Belize City to Placencia, you can expect to spend three and a half hours on the road, but chances are you’ll want to take some breaks for photo opportunities. While a rental car will ultimately cost you more than alternate options, it does give you the freedom to explore the surrounding areas at your leisure.

By Public Transport

This is the most economic route from Belize City to Placencia Peninsula, it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Taking the public bus allows you to rub shoulders with the local populace, but it tends to become crowded, and you can expect the trip to take significantly longer due to the significant number of stops. You’ll also need to switch buses at Dangriga Town to make it all the way to Placencia Village. The daily bus from Belize City to Dangriga takes about three hours bus ride. Three buses run daily from Dangriga to Placencia Village. The first departs at 11:00 am while the second leaves at 2'30 pm and Last one at 5:30 pm, it take about one hour bus ride.

Ground Shuttle

If you want the most safest, scenic, comfortable journey from Belize City to Placencia Village or Maya Beach, Julian Transfer can help book a shuttle from Belize International Airport to Placencia Peninsula. Leaving directly from Belize City International Airport or Belize Water Taxi, Julian Shuttles offers privat ine transfer to Placencia area. The shuttle take approximately three and a half hours, you can also ask your driver to stop off at a restaurant or restroom so you can stretch your legs. It’s well worth riding instead of driving, since the shuttles cut through some of the most diverse and beautiful stretches of wildlife in thecountry of Belize.

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