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Mayan Chocolate Making tour, Stann Creek

Mayan Chocolate Making Tour

Unforgettable Mayan Chocolate Making Tour at Che'il Mayan Chocolate Factory

Take a short drive from Hopkins Village or Placencia to a cacao farm to learn about how the Mayans cultivate cacao trees, process cacao beans and making chocolate. The guide at the cacao farm will give you a detailed explanation and the process of how cacao beans are extracted from the pods and then fermented and finally dried and ready to be processed into chocolate. 

This chocolate making tour starts from the cacao tree and ends with a Mayan chocolate bar in your hands. Our chocolate making tour takes place in the community of Maya Center where you will visit a cacao farm where the farmer gives you a complete history of his organic cacao farm, from there we head to the chocolate factory, which is 5 minutes away from the cacao farm.

Hands-On Experience; Roll up your sleeves and create your own Mayan chocolate masterpiece. Customize your creation with natural flavors like cinnamon, chili, or vanilla, just like the Mayans did centuries ago. Add a variety of toppings to make it truly unique.

Ready to book your tour?

Tour Pricing from Hopkins

  • 2 PAX: $75.00 USD Per Person

  •  3 PAX: $60.00 USD Per Person

  •  4 PAX & More : $55.00 USD Per Person

Tour Pricing from Placencia

  • 2 PAX: $120 USD Per Person (from Placencia)

  • 3 PAX: $100.00 USD Per Person (from Placencia)

  • 4 Pax & More : $90.00 USD Per Person (from Placencia)


What's included on the Tour?

Entrance fee, water, and transportation.

What to bring?

Bug spray, sun block, hat and camera

Tour Duration:

Departs: 8:30/10:30 am or 12:30/2:30 pm

Intensity: Easy

Mayan Chocolate Making Tour Photo Gallery

Making chocolate on the Mayan grinding stone is a lot of fun!

Chocolate Factory near Hopkins Village
Mayan Chocolate Making tour, Stann Creek
Cacao pods on the cacao tree
Cacao farmer in Belize
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